mitch and alamag

  We are husband and wife collaborators in art.

Like many other aspects of our life, we come together and share our individual ideas in order to create a third identity. By co-creating, we often form challenging situations that produce unique solutions. We find that this artisitic process enables us to change and develop in ways we would not have otherwise.

The majority of our work begins with a wood base. Additional structure, form and geometry are added and the entire piece is almost always primed black in color. It is from this black void that the imagery emerges. We start with penwork that interacts with the existing shapes. This organic approach allows the emerging of imagery and psychological content to reveal itself. As relationships form and identities solidify, the figures begin to speak. We respond by listening and begin to assign verbal messages that play off the imagery created. Words are often written phonetically or are deconstructed into parts, implying dual meanings or alternative conclusions. From this point, acrylic paints are used to "give life" to the painting through figure definition, contrast, foregrounds, backgrounds and overall color composition. We finalize our work with the application of a clear acrylic resin in select areas to further accentuate the balance and harmony in each piece.

Our art is a journey releasing the expression in our hearts. It allows us to communicate our spirit with others. We believe the viewer participates in the final meaning of the artwork. They interpret for themselves what messages and information is conveyed.