Mary Jane Andreozzi



ARTIST STATEMENT/BIO My work is inspired by the grace, strength and beauty of the natural world. I search for a sense of balance and harmony in my images that I observe in nature. I am interested in expressing an inner energy that leans toward symbolism and abstraction. 

My process begins with a search for wood that has creative potential. I find it in many places, from the walls of a 200 year old farm house, to a boatbuilders scrap pile. I have pulled burning logs out of a bonfire and turned them into art. Wood that has washed ashore that shows the passage of time and exposure to the elements can be fantastic to work with. I begin a piece by studying it for awhile, sometimes days! Some pieces I will carve to enhance the shape.  I am attracted to rich color and achieve that through layers of wax oil crayon. I put a resin coating on the finished piece to protect the wax surface. The design process happens organically for me, and I usually don’t know exactly what the finished piece will look like. I just keep searching until I feel it has soul and presence. It often ends up being a combination of the natural forms in the wood and my own design insight.          

I am currently the Art Department Chairperson at Bay View Academy in Riverside Rhode Island, as well as a practicing artist. I received my Masters of Art in Teaching at Rhode Island School of Design and my Bachelor of Arts from Rhode Island College. My work has been exhibited in different venues throughout New England and is in several corporate and private collections.
Education: Rhode Island School of Design, Masters of Art In Teaching, Rhode Island College Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude

Representation: ArtProv Gallery Providence RI, Art3 Gallery Manchester New Hampshire, Charlestown Gallery Charlestown Rhode Island

Select Exhibitions: ArtProv Gallery:
Voice In The Woods 2018
 Heart of a Tree 2017 , Henry’s Kids 2017
 This and That 2016, Fresh Paint,2014, Fiber Works 2014, Color Sense 2014

Charlestown Gallery: Big Summer Group Show 2018,2017,2016