mel tudisco




Mel’s world is made up of textures and layers. As a child living in the country, Mel spent hours looking for and picking up rusty nails on their sandy, hilly driveway after a rainstorm. Her father would pay her a penny a nail, two cents if they were larger nails or a piece of wire. She still sees the rusty textured layers, burnt orange, sienna and sometimes a hint of blue green patina. This corroded metal intrigued her and still does.

She is energized by the reaction and the texture that is created on metal when it is distorted by heat, pounding or painting. Metal doesn’t move easily and Mel loves the coaxing of it to give it a tactile life. She becomes impelled to produce structure and density where there once was smoothness. Of all here tools, her favorites are an old railroad rail and a chewed up copper mallet. When she uses these tools they create her personal marks and textures that are individual only to her work.

She considers herself a contemporary constructivist. Her thinking is based on metals and their layers and colors that can be built up, scratched or sanded away to reveal another texture or softened like a lingering abstract memory. Mel fabricates her enthusiasm for natural vistas with her sculptural paintings and does not always know what her artwork will reveal, but she know she has no choice but to look beyond the surface.

Mel has works in numerous private and corporate collections. She has won multiple awards for her paintings and has works in several galleries throughout the United States.