lisa joyce hill




Lisa was born in 1951 in Somerset, Massachusetts. She attended Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, Ca. and Santa Barbara Art Institute, where she studied with Ray Strong, who was one of the original California Plein Air/Tonalist  artist. Lisa taught at Umpqua Community College and Umpqua Valley Art Association in Roseburg, Oregon. 

Lisa has been drawn to the creation of the arts since she was a young girl in the 1950’s. Her mother began to study the American and French Impressionists in correlation to painting classes. She copied two paintings in the process of this class, a Gauguin and a Modigliani. They were both wonderfully done. As her mother studied, Lisa followed along and by the time Lisa was nine she could recognize the work of the major impressionists.

In each composition Lisa seeks to express the moment when she was inspired by the emotion of the scene. Lisa tries to re-create this moment in a minimal sense, avoiding the details that are unnecessary to express it. Abstract expressionism has always drawn Lisa in as mostly minimal, subjective renderings. This work closely coincides with much of the poetry that she loves. Lisa’s favorite artists are Mark Rothko, Chuck Close, George Inness, Marc Chagall, Vlamink, Paul  Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Turner, Waterhouse, Pissaro … to name a few.

Lisa has works in numerous gallery’s across the United States and in the permanent collection of U.S. National Bank and First Interstate Bank.