Barbara prodaniuk


Barbara saw her first potter at work during a grade school field trip and desperately wanted to try it. Though she unable to convince him to let her do it that day, she did promise herself that she would someday find a way to try it. Barbara’s love affair with clay really began in college and no doubt will continue for the rest of her life. Her imagination is what makes her work different than others, and her strong desire to keep exploring new ideas and techniques. All her work is hand formed, using the potter’s wheel and a combination of slab and sculptural hand building techniques.

Barbara’s dialogue with clay has developed over the past 30 years or so, and she finds working with clay to be a lifetime commitment that grows more rewarding with each passing year. A Truckee, California resident since 1981, Barbara currently operates a pottery studio in her home. She draws her inspiration from the events and experiences of daily life as well as from the beauty of the surrounding Tahoe and Great Basin areas and their abundant life forms. Currently her work includes a wide variety of narrative sculptural pieces and forms in raku, sawdust, pit fire as well as high-fired functional ware.


Education: Professional Affiliations:

AA Moorpark Junior College, Moorpark, Ca. Association of Clay and Glass Artists of Ca. 

BFA California State University, Northbridge, Ca. Wild Women Artists

 Potter Council


Association of Clay and Glass Artists of Ca., Bill Geisinger & Fred Yokel, 2011

Ceramics Monthly 2005

American Style 2002

American Style  2001

American Style 1999