mary hurst

 Since the age of five Mary Cotter Hurst has been drawn to  painting and all things artistic. Through the years creating works in paint, pencil, ink and sculpture, there has been a constant evolution. For most of her career in the fine arts there has been a perpetual study in the nuance of light, how it affects positive and negative spaces and how if affects the viewer from both a visual and psychological perspective.

Mary is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts (MA) from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Working in the fine arts Mary has created an awe inspiring body of work in almost every media. Most of the recent works of Mary's have been in oil paint, etching, woodblock prints, linocuts and monotypes. 

Mary has transcended the mere role of artist, immersing herself in a lifestyle and creating a subjective reality, yet never loosing sight of family. She has taught art and printmaking and mentored many young artist. She has worked at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Ma. and has been a member of the Arts Lottery Council.