terry rockwood



Terry Rockwood is an artist that likes to redefine boundaries, push convention and create works that resonate with the visual, the intellectual and the spiritual self. Inferring the most human of tendencies into a visual universe, neither exuberant nor calculated, but at the point of synthesis. Terry creates beautiful works of impressionism that resonate with abstract and modernist influences.

Born in Springfield Massachusetts in 1944. Always an artistic and creative mind Terry’s education took him in a different direction culminating in a degree in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. In 1967 Terry moved to Cape Cod. Over the many decades of learning techniques of painting Terry has studied with Henry Hensche at the Cape Cod School of Art and later with Lois Griffel. He has also studied at the Vermont Studio Center.

Astudent if not a fan of the great masters such as Rembrandt. Terry has studied their techniques and in many cases their philosophies, but he is also a fan of more contemporary artists such as Mark Rothko with his use of the colorfield and Ashille Gorky for his draftsmanship, his work in plein aire and for the free spirit of his works that helped to redefine perspective and the relationship of elements within a work. 

In the words of the artist “ After years of learning techniques, I had to decide what to paint, my task is to apply layers of paint to disclose a pictorial surface which resonates and is alive preferably in a minor mode like Morandi, in which the pathos and the agnostic rhetoric of high contrasts are abolished. The minor mode best represents the light conditions of the Cape in the autumn to spring seasons, that light that is so unique to this area.”

Terry Rockwwod over the years has received many first prizes and best of show at the Cape Cod Art Association and other major juried shows. But the best compliment to the artist has been the recent praise by academics, curators and collectors . Terry’s paintings have found homes in many public and private collections throughout Europe and the United States.

I have always been involved in creating things with my hands, but painting holds a special place it is an ongoing process of learning and endless metamorphosis that allows me to combine the physical to the spiritual”

Terry Rockwood