patrick lee


Patrick Lee takes a unique creative approach to making paintings in the studio and en plein air. He draws heavily on intuition and imagination to develop an image, often altering the drawing, color and spatial relationships to create a mood and express a feeling about the subject. This often leads to strong elements of abstraction and suggestion in his work, rather than explicit details. This gives the viewer an opportunity to connect with each piece in their own way, inviting them to let their own imagination make personal associations and connections.

Artist Patrick Lee’s approach to painting tends to be more organic and spontaneous than most artists.  An artist that follows in the tradition of the modern masters, creating a body of work that is not easily defined and is constantly evolving. Patrick was born in 1972 and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 1996.

Patrick Lee is an artist that is beginning to take his place among that elite cadre of unique contemporary painters. Achieving recognition with numerous awards and best of shows. He has been exhibited at The Butler Institute of American Art, the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts and

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

He has received much acclaim from numerous fine art critics and has his works in many international collections.

“I will often start a painting with only a loose idea and let the painting come to life using its own momentum. As the image begins to take form the shapes and colors on the canvas 

inspire me to incorporate elements of memory, imagination and interconnecting ideas.”

Patrick Lee